African-American Alzheimer’s Disease Study

African-American Alzheimer Disease Study

Previous large-scale genetic studies have made a great impact on Alzheimer’s disease research and investigators are getting closer to identifying genetic causes. While these studies have mainly focused on Non-Hispanic White populations, there is still a critical need to study diverse populations as this will translate to better diagnoses and eventual treatments for a broader community. The HIHG is an active participant in multiple projects aimed at addressing health disparities within genomic medicine.

African-Americans are at higher risk to develop Alzheimer’s disease than Non-Hispanic Whites yet historically have a lower participation rate in research studies. The HIHG is committed to addressing these health disparities through research and education including outreach throughout the South Florida African-American community stressing the importance of having diverse groups participate in research.

Learn more about our different projects:

Replication and Extension in African Americans of AD Sequencing

Collaboration with Dr. Goldie Byrd from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University (NC A&T)

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