Hispanic/Latino Alzheimer Disease Initiative


Peru team
From UM: Margaret Pericak-Vance, Michael Cuccaro, Pedro Mena, Larry Deon Adams, Rosario Isasi
From Peru: Mario Cornejo Olivas , Victoria Marca Ysabel, Maryenela Illanes Manrique, Karina Milla Neyra, Diego Veliz Otani

Peru is the ideal population to study the impact of the Amerindian background on the Alzheimer disease risk associated genetic variants. Most Peruvians either self-identify with an Amerindian group or are mestizo individuals. The average Amerindian background is about 72%, much higher than that of other Latin American countries (Puerto Rico: 15%; Colombia: 28%; Argentina: 28%; Chile: 40%, and Mexico: 40%). According to a community-based study performed in Lima, the overall prevalence of dementia among older people (over 65-years-old) is 6.95%. The populations with substantial Amerindian ancestry are among the most understudied groups in Alzheimer disease research. The inclusion of Amerindian admixed populations will help us separate genetic effects from cultural/environmental effects and identify Alzheimer disease risk genes that are specific for individuals of Amerindian ancestry.

University of Miami Principal Investigators

Margaret Pericak-Vance, Ph.D

Gary Beecham, Ph.D.

Project Leaders in Peru

Mario Cornejo-Olivas, MD- Head of Department, Neurogenetics Research Center, Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Neurologicas

Pilar Mazzetti, MD- Neurogenetics Research Center, Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Neurologicas


Koni Meja, MD- Hospital Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrión (Lima, Peru)

José Centeno, MD- Hospital Alfredo Callo Rodríguez (Cusco, Peru)

Angel Medina, Ph.D.- Diresa (Puno, Peru)

Ivan Cornejo, MD- Hospital Hipólito Unanue (Tacna, Peru)

For More Information Contact:

Pedro Mena, MD
Project Manager, Research Support
Alzheimer Disease Hispanic Research Studies
Ph: (305) 812-5489
Email: AD-HIHG@miami.edu