News & Events : 2012

UM Researchers Identify Gene That Contributes to Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers from the Miller School of Medicine have identified a gene associated with Alzheimer’s disease in Caucasians. Published online October 27 in Neurobiology of Aging, their study demonstrated that a change in the C9ORF72 gene, called a repeat expansion, could be a new cause for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, mostly in Caucasians.

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Alzheimer’s Experts Present Latest in Prevention and Research

Two of the nation’s leading Alzheimer’s disease experts shared the latest in research and prevention strategies to delay onset of this disease at an event hosted by the John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics. Gary Small, M.D., author of “The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program,” joined Margaret Pericak-Vance, Ph.D., director of the Hussman Institute, in a lecture and book signing held at UM’s Lois Pope LIFE Center on January 10.

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