Statistical and Bioinformatics Consulting

DNA Methylation

DNA Methylation array is a cost-effective and genome-wide approach for methylation analysis. Available platforms (e.g. Illumina 450K) provide examination of ~480,000 CpG sites throughout the genome, including gene regions and CpG islands. The CpG sites located across the gene include the promoter region, 5’UTR, 1st exon, gene region, and 3’UTR. CpG island coverage includes >90% of known islands in addition to predicted CpG islands. This approach allows for a sensitive assessment of targeted CpG site methylation.

We provide the following services:

  • Assistance with study design
  • Sample size calculations
  • Data processing and QC (e.g., data normalization)
  • Differential DNA methylation analysis
  • Unsupervised cluster analysis
  • Pathway and Gene Ontology (GO) analysis
  • Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA)
  • Interpretation and assistance with publications

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