Biorepository Core Facility

Biorepository at the CGT

The CGT biorepository offers a wide-range of services and currently houses more than a million samples collected over the last 30 years. Biorepository scientist’s process, archive, and retrieve biological samples as a valued resource for genomic research. Extensive experience in the use of the Nautilus® Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and barcode printing through with BradyID software allows for personalized and secure solutions for sample storage and retrieval. With a wide variety of sample processing options including but not limited to automated DNA extraction using the Autogen FLEXSTAR+ instrument, automated DNA/RNA extraction using the Qiagen QIASymphony. peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) isolation, serum, plasma and buffy coat isolation, creation of blood cards, DNA/RNA quantitation and qualitation, whole genome amplification, cell-line lymphoblast immortalization and primary fibroblast tissue culture. We offer sample solutions to suit any project’s customized needs.

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