Biorepository Core Facility

Sample Shipping Guidelines

Please do not ship any samples prior to contacting HIHG. All study samples (internal/external) need to be approved for acceptance by Biorepository core prior to shipment. Once samples have been approved for acceptance, please send an email with the Principal Investigator’s name to alert us that samples are on the way to

Please be sure to follow all applicable International Air Transportation Association ( regulations for packaging and shipping. We prefer that samples be shipped Monday through Wednesday of the week. Ship via overnight carrier when possible, the time from patient draw and arrival at the bio-repository should be three days or less for UM investigators. If longer times are anticipated to sample arrival due to remote location or field trip scheduling, consideration should be made to use Paxgene® DNA tubes which will stabilize the sample for up to two weeks at room temperature. Please enclose a list with the samples with the Principal Investigator’s name, the sample numbers and amount of sample (concentration, volume and ug) in each tube.

Blood should be shipped at room temperature or on blue ice if we are receiving it within three days of draw, unless it is an ACD tube for transformation then we need to receive it at room temperature. Plasma and serum previously isolated must be shipped on dry ice. DNA should be shipped on dry ice. Saliva in Oragene kits should be shipped at room temperature.

Shipping and Contact Address:
HIHG Bio-Repository
1501 NW 10th Ave
BRB Room 448
Miami, FL. 33136
Lab Ph: 305-243-3822
Office Ph: 305-243-3821
Fax: 305-243-2523