Genotyping Core Facility

Custom Low to Mid-Plex Genotyping

For profiling and validation studies requiring low to mid-plex genotyping, the options below provide customized solutions that allow researchers to optimize the number of loci per sample and throughput level to best serve study goals.


LifeTechnologies’ OpenArray Technology utilizes the reliable Taqman Allelic Discrimination Assay chemistry in a highly multiplexed format. A variety of SNP and sample formats are available, with access to 4.5Million predesigned assays and a custom assay design pipeline.

OpenArray Format Samples / Array Price / Sample
16 Assays 144 inquire
32 Assays 96 $12
64 Assays 48 $15
128 Assays 24 $24
192 Assays 16 $31
256 Assays 12 $41

*Minimum sample requirement of 960 samples (1440 samples for 16 assay format)

Life Technologies Taqman® Allelic Discrimination Assays

TaqMan® 5’-nuclease assay chemistry provides a fast and very robust method to interrogate SNPs. Life Technologies offers 4.5 million predesigned TaqMan® SNP Assays as well as a custom assay design pipeline. The assay is processed in 384 well plates and DNA plating is automated with the Beckman Biomek FX liquid handling system.

  • Pricing varies with sample number. Please inquire.

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