Genotyping Core Facility

Focused Genotyping

Illumina offers standard, focused-content Infinium BeadChips serving both the human genomics and agrigenomics communities. The content of these BeadChips can be supplemented with Infinium add-on content to fit your study design and improve the cost effectiveness of your project.

FOCUSED GENOTYPING Array Type Markers/Sample Price/Sample*
Cancer Genetics OncoArray-500K 500,000 $83
Psychiatric Disorders PsychArray-24 600,000 $83
Agrigenomics BovineHD 700K
BovineSNP50 50K
CanineHD 170K
OvineSNP50 50K $75
PorcineSNP60 60K
MaizeSNP50 50K
Exome Genotyping HumanExome 240K $68
HumanCoreExome 500,000 $74
HumanOmniExpressExome 940K $108
HumanOmni5Exome 4.5 million $247
HumanOmni2.5Exome 2.7 million $163

*Pricing based on 1-5K samples. Additional discounts may apply at higher sample volumes

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