Sequencing Core Facility

Next Generation Sequencing


Metagenomics provides insight into complex microbial communities and their role in host health and is advancing knowledge in the fields of medicine, agriculture and engineering. The majority of microbial biodiversity in a sample is missed by cultivation-based methods. Use NGS to get a more accurate picture of the diversity of species in a microbial sample.

  • Sequence the v4 region of the 16S RNA gene to classify organisms to the genus level
  • Whole genome sequence the entire microbiome for classification and novel discovery


Epigenetic applications available at the CGT include examination of CpG methylation, histone modifications, chromatin structure and DNA-protein interactions using NGS technology. Methyl-Seq allows researchers to map genome-wide methylation patterns while Chip-Seq uses a combination of chromatin immunoprecipitation and NGS to quantify in vivo protein-DNA interactions on a genome-wide scale.

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