Faculty : Anthony Griswold, Ph.D.

Anthony Griswold, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor, Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation Department of Human Genetics
Associate Director, Center for Genome Technology, John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics

Dr. Griswold is a Research Assistant Professor in the Dr. John T. MacDonald Department of Human Genetics at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and in the John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics (HIHG). He is the Associate Director of the Center for Genome Technology and leader of the Statistical and Bioinformatics Consulting Core (SBCC). His background is in molecular genetics with a recent focus in bioinformatics applications including whole genome sequencing, transcriptomics, and epigenomics. His current work focuses on utilizing sequencing methodologies and bioinformatics approaches to identify genomic signatures of complex disease phenotypes ranging from autism, to Alzheimer disease, to chronic sports medicine related conditions such as osteoarthritis.

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Top Publications:

  • Griswold AJ, Celis K, Bussies P, Rajabli F, Whitehead P, Hamilton-Nelson K, Beecham GW, Dykxhoorn DM, Nuytemans K, Wang L, Gardner OG, Dorfsman D, Bigio EH, Mesulam M, Weintraub S, Geula C, Gearing M, Martinez-McGrath E, Dalgard CL, Scott WK, Haines JL, Pericak- Vance MA, Young JI, Vance JM. Increased APOEε4 expression is associated with the difference in Alzheimer Disease risk from diverse ancestral backgrounds. Alz and Dementia, 2020, ACCEPTED.
  • Gardner OK, Wang L, Van Booven D, Whitehead PL, Hamilton-Nelson KL, Adams LD, Starks TD, Hofmann NK, Vance JM, Cuccaro ML, Martin ER, Byrd GS, Haines JL, Bush WS, Beecham GW, Pericak-Vance MA, Griswold AJ. RNA editing alterations in a multi-ethnic Alzheimer Disease cohort converge on immune and endocytic molecular pathways. Hum Mol Genet. 2019 Sep 15;28(18):3053- 3061. PMID: 31162550. PMCID: 6737295.
  • Griswold AJ, Ma D, Cukier HN, Nations LD, Schmidt MA, Chung R-H, Jaworski JM, Salyakina D, Konidari I, Whitehead PL, Wright HH, Abramson RK, Williams SM, Menon R, Martin ER, Haines JL, Gilbert JR, Cuccaro ML, Pericak-Vance MA. Evaluation of Copy Number Variations Reveals Novel Candidate Genes in Autism Spectrum Disorder Associated Pathways. Hum Mol Genet, 2012 Aug 1;21(15):3513-23. PMCID: PMC3392110
  • Griswold AJ, Dueker ND, Van Booven D, Rantus JA, Jaworski JM, Slifer SH, Schmidt MA, Hulme W, Konidari I, Whitehead PL, Cuccaro ML, Martin ER, Haines JL, Gilbert JR, Hussman JP, Pericak-Vance MA. Targeted massively parallel sequencing of autism spectrum disorder associated genes reveals rare loss of function risk variants as risk factor. Mol Autism, 2015. Jul 7;6:43. PMCID: PMC4504419
  • Griswold AJ, Perez J, Nuytemans K, Strong T, Wang L, Vance DD, Ennis H, Smith MK, Best TM, Vance JM, Pericak-Vance MA, and Kaplan LD. Transcriptomic Analysis of Synovial Extracellular RNA Following Knee Trauma: A Pilot Study. J Orthop Res, 2018 Jun;36(6):1659-1665. PMID: 29106758.