The Center for Genomic Education and Outreach (C-GEO) is focused on the development and dissemination of information and resources to improve and inform the use of genomic technologies in health care. The C-GEO will carry out its mission via the Patient & Family Ascertainment, Genomic Education, and Genomic Outreach divisions. The center is led by Director Jeffery Vance, M.D., Ph.D., and Associate Directors, William Scott, Ph.D., and Michael Cuccaro, Ph.D.

The mission of the Division of Genomic Education is to educate physicians and other non-genetics clinical professionals to facilitate the use of genomic information in the care of their patients.

The mission of the Division of Genomic Outreach is to enhance public awareness and acceptance of genomics in health care, with an emphasis on addressing health disparities. The division will be a resource to the community to disseminate information about genomic technologies to the public at large.

The mission of the Division of Patient and Family Ascertainment is to provide support and resources for ascertainment of participants and families for investigators in the HIHG and the larger UM community involved in the study of complex and Mendelian diseases.