News & Events : 2015 : September

Boy Scouts “Meet a Scientist” night at the HIHG a success

Despite the inclement weather, nine Boy Scouts (ages 10 and 11), their Boy Scout leader, and four parents were able to attend the HIHG’s “Meet a Scientist” night, hosted and presented by Drs. Derek Dykxhoorn and Joycelyn Lee, at the John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics. Dr. Dykxhoorn presented an engaging and informative talk about the scientific method, genetics, and why scientists study diseases. At the end of the presentation, the attendees participated in a few science related activities as well as given some activities to take home and try on their own. The night was a huge success and received positive feedback from the participants. Thanks goes out to all attendees and organizers of this great event!