Internship History

2002 JJ Vance Memorial Interns

Although each CHG intern is not required to bake a chromosome cake, the CHG staff will long remember JJ Vance Memorial Intern Kate Crandall for her superlative effort. During summer 2002, Kate performed genetic mutation screening for the CHG Neural Tube Defect Research Group. Before leaving for Yale University, the recent East Chapel Hill High graduate said, “It was an amazing summer experience and I learned so much.”

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill freshman Sukaina Ahmad gained valuable experience in autism mutation screening through her work with the CHG Genomics Research Lab. The East Chapel Hill High School graduate said that “the internship was challenging to me and taught me many things about genetics and working in a lab. I think the most useful skill I learned was learning how to communicate efficiently with other people.” By successfully completing her Parkinson disease mutation screening project, Chapel Hill High School senior Natalie Rubinstein achieved another step towards a career in science. Natalie said, “The internship was both challenging and stimulating. I found the project assigned to me engaging. The research group meetings and the talks on Parkinson disease helped me understand the larger context of the specific work I was doing.”

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