Internship Information

JJ Vance Memorial Internship Information

Eligibility Information

  • Must be a current junior in high school who will be a rising senior during the internship program. No exceptions.
  • Must excel in the biological and/or computational sciences.
  • The NIH grant requires that students must be eligible to work in the US. Proof of eligibility is required at the interview date. More details will be given if the student is selected as a finalist.
  • Must have completed or be currently enrolled in at least one AP or honors science course.
  • Must have all vaccines up to date.
  • Must be available during the first two weeks of June to attend UM employee onboarding, including a background check, drug testing, and a TB test with parental accompaniment, which requires a 48 hour follow-up appointment.
  • Interns must be present and on time, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding July 4, for the duration of the 8 week internship which will take place at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine campus, Biomedical Research Building, 1501 NW 10 Ave. Miami, Florida 33136. There will be no remote work or overtime hours allowed for this internship. One hour must be taken for lunch. No exceptions.
  • Interns and parents will be required to sign a code of conduct (Appendix A) if the student is given a final internship offer. Please do not submit this code unless a final offer has been made.
  • At the end of the 8 week period, interns must give a short oral presentation describing their work over the summer at a research luncheon attended by faculty, staff, local education administrators, friends, family, and fellow interns.

Interview Offer Information

  • Students will receive an invitation to interview on or around March 22 and must make their appointment immediately. If the student does not respond to the invitation within 24 hours, the invitation will void.
  • Interviews will take place from April 2-6 & 9-11 between 4:00-6:00 PM in the Biomedical Research Building at the UM Medical School, located at 1501 NW 10th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33136. This will be the same building the students will work in if accepted for the internship. Parking instructions will be provided.
  • The dress code for interview attire is business formal. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Students may not be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the interview, however there is a Starbucks located next to the building should parents/guardians wish to wait. Students will be interviewed by a panel of 9 faculty members. Information on these faculty members will be provided in the interview invitation.

Internship Offer Acceptance & Employment Information

This information is provided for students and parents who wish to know what their responsibilities would be should they be extended an internship offer.

  • Final internship offers will be made on or around April 18. Students must accept within 24 hours or the offer will void. In order for a student to completely accept the offer, they must send background check consent documents signed by a parent/guardian and a code of conduct signed by themselves and a parent/guardian.
  • If accepted, students will be required to pass a background check. Students will receive an invitation by e-mail to fill out background information once the signed consent documents have been processed.
  • If accepted, the student and their parent/guardian must be available during the first two weeks of June to attend UM employee onboarding.

This includes:

a. Taking a photo for their ID badge
b. Drug testing (urine and blood sample)
c. TB test (skin prick reaction test)
i. PARENTS/GUARDIANS MUST ACCOMPANY THE STUDENT TO THE TB TEST. The initial test usually takes place on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
ii. The test requires a 48 hour follow-up appointment—parents/guardians do not have to escort the student to the follow-up appointment. Follow-up appointments usually occur Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
iii. The ID badge appointment takes place at the UM Parking and Security Office, while the drug and TB tests usually take place at the University of Miami Hospital. Both of these buildings are located in the same medical complex as the building the students will be working in. Detailed instructions will be provided when the time comes.

General Information

  • Students will need to report to work at 1501 NW 10th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33136. A map will be provided should they receive a final offer.
  • The approximate hourly rate for this internship is $8.50 per hour.
  • Students will be reimbursed for a Miami-Dade Metro Rail Student Monthly Pass obtained by the student or for the cost of parking monthly at UM Medical School. The Metro stop for this internship is the Civic Center stop. The first two days of the internship students will be escorted to and from the metro to learn their route.
  • Students must report every day, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding July 4. On Monday, June 18, they will be required to report from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Students will have a mandatory one hour for lunch, during which they must clock out. Overtime hours are not available for this program.
  • Students are responsible for their lunch, except for the last day of August 10, when lunch and a lab tour will be provided.
  • Fridges and microwaves are available for students who wish to bring in their lunch. For those who wish to purchase lunch, they will be briefed on their choices during orientation.
  • It is highly recommended that students bring an umbrella to the internship, as it rains heavily during the summer. A sweater is also recommended, given that the lab environment is usually quite cold.