News & Updates : 2018 : September

JJ Vance 2018 Summer Internship

Our 2018 interns worked 8 hours a day for 8 weeks on various research projects. They were required to complete a final research project, which culminated into a final presentation in front of faculty members, research scientists, staff, parents, and friends.

Our program believes it is important for students to gain experience in creating media to effectively display their work and in public speaking by presenting their research findings to a large audience. This year, students presented for 5 minutes each before 80 audience members and were asked questions by faculty members and research scientists after their presentations.

Our interns and their interests are showcased below:

Carolina Alvarez
Coral Gables Sr. High
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Juan Young

Carolina focused on mouse modules used to investigate the functions of the ASXL1 gene.

Adetola Alonge
Miami Palmetto Sr. High
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Katherina Walz

Adetola focused on mouse modules used to investigate the functions of the ASXL1 gene.

Melissa Canales
TERRA Environmental Research Institute
Biological/Computational Intern
Mentor: Dr. Tony Griswold

Melissa focused on the functional role of non-coding variants in Alzheimer Disease using MPRA.

Rawan Eldabbas
Everglades High
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Holly Cukier

Rawan focused on CRISPR editing of ABCA7 in Hex cells.

Gabriel Gallardo
Belen Jesuit Prep.
Computational Intern
Mentors: Drs. Michael Schmidt and Eden Martin

Gabriel focused on the simulation of Age-At-Onset in Late-Onset Alzheimer risk genes.

Hadrian Gonzalez Castellanos
Jose Marti MAST
Computational Intern
Mentor: Dr. Tony Griswold

Hadrian focused on DNA methylation analysis in Austism Spectrum Disorder afflicted brain tissue samples.

Nikole Guevara
Coral Park
Biological Intern
Mentors: Dr. Margaret Pericak-Vance, Patrice Whitehead, and Natalia Hofmann

Nikole focused on ABCA7 and APOE genotyping on Alzheimer Disease.

Hank Ingham
Pine Crest School (Ft. Lauderdale)Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Stephan Zuchner

Hank focused on Zebrafish and CRISPR in Neurological Disease.

Sarah Lantsman
Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Sr. High
Computational Intern
Mentor: Dr. Gary Beecham

Sarah focused on accessing risk factors of Alzheimer Disease.

Alexa Martinez
Biotech at Richmond Heights
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Karen Nuytemans

Alexa focused on Thrombotic Storm.

Katherine Morales Pardo
MAST at Homestead
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Liyong Wang

Katherine focused on using Luciferase Reporter Gene Assay to understand the functions of genomic DNA.

Artesha Neloms
Miami Jackson Sr. High
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Mustafa Tekin

Artesha focused on analysis by using whole genomic sequencing in hearing loss.

Leo Ratzan
Ransom Everglades School
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Derek Dykxhoorn

Leo focused on the Crimson Tomato.