News & Updates : 2019 : August

JJ Vance 2019 Summer Internship

Our 2019 interns worked 8 hours a day for 8 weeks on various research projects. They were required to complete a final research project, which culminated into a final presentation in front of faculty members, research scientists, staff, parents, and friends.

Our program believes it is important for students to gain experience in creating media to effectively display their work and in public speaking by presenting their research findings to a large audience. This year, students presented for 5 minutes each before 80 audience members and were asked questions by faculty members and research scientists after their presentations.

Our interns in action are showcased below:

Linda Cao
Coral Reef Senior HS
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Derek Dykxhoorn

Linda used FILIPIN III to analyze the levels of cholesterol found in astrocytes from patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Arike Coker
Archimedean Upper Conservatory
Biological Intern
Mentors: Dr. Jeffery Vance and Dr. Katrina Celis

Arike worked on identification of functional variants in African local ancestry region surrounding APOE.

Robert Csete
New World School of the Arts
Computational Intern
Mentors: Dr. Anthony Griswold, Dr. Michael Schmidt, and Olivia Gardner

Robert used RNa Editing as a driver for Alternative Splicing in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Ryan Ellison
Ransom Everglades Upper School
Computational Intern
Mentors: Dr. Anthony Griswold and Olivia Gardner

Ryan used weighted co-expression network analysis in multi-ethnic Alzheimer’s disease cohort.

Riya Gandhi
Archimedean Upper Conservatory
Computational Intern
Mentors: Dr. Michael Scmidt and Dr. Eden Martin

Riya worked on the simulation of Hardy Weinberg equilibrium in add mix populations.

Benjamin Goldstein
Miami Palmetto Senior HS
_Computational Intern _
Mentor: Dr. Anthony Griswold

Ben worked on the computational analysis of single nuclei sequencing from brains of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease from diverse ancestral backgrounds.

Kailindi Gosine
Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior HS
Biological Intern
Mentors: Dr. Jeffery Vance and Dr. Katrina Celis

Kailidi worked with Arike on the same project of Identification of function variants in the African local ancestry region surrounding APOE.

Daisy Hoover
MAST Academy
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Holly Cukier

Daisy looked at ABCA7 in Late Onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Jean Laguerre
Miami Lakes Education Center
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Liyong Wang

Jean used gene reporter assay to study genetic variants in Alzheimer Disease.

Eduardo Ochoa
Miami Coral Park Senior HS
Biological Intern
Mentors: Dr. Mustafa Tekin and Dr. Guney Bademci

Eduardo looked into identifying causative.

Jocelyn Rivera
Fort Lauderdale High
Biological Intern
Mentors: Dr. Margaret Pericak-Vance, Patrice Whitehead, and Natalia Hofmann

Jocelyn worked on APOE genotyping in the Hispanic population.

Alexander Valecillo
Coral Reef Senior HS
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Stephan Züchner

Alex worked on Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT) phenotypic variability caused by mitochondrial mutation.

Sarita Vargas
School for Advanced Studies
Biological Intern
Mentor: Dr. Karen Nuytemans

Sarita worked on screening known Parkinson Disease (PD) variants in Hispanic PD patients.