Family Stories

Family Stories

Have you or has someone that you love had a thrombotic storm event? Would you be willing to share your story on this website? One of the goals of this website is to generate awareness about Thrombotic Storm. What better way to do this than to give TS a face. Each of you, whether as a patient or the friend or family member of someone who has experienced this, knows how isolating it can be. Until this website appeared, Thrombotic Storm simply didn’t exist in the public eye. By viewing the stories of others, not only will those with Thrombotic Storm know they are not alone, but it is a first step to greater understanding for all. Please email your story to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Also feel free to call us at (877) 740-7744.

The first family story included is that of JJ Vance, a loving boy who died of thrombotic storm and to whom this website and research study is dedicated.

JJ Vance’s Story

A Sad Day
Jeffery Joseph Vance was born on January 24, 1984; An avid athlete who was full of life, a devoted friend who was kind and gentle, and an exceptional student with hopes in following in his parents footsteps.

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Stephane: APS & CAPS Galore

One day at work, I was experiencing muscular pain reminiscent of a hernia. At the beginning I did not get too worried and kept on working for about week. By the week’s end I was trying to sleep and the pain had gotten so bad that I decided to go to the emergency of a nearby hospital.

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Vaneet Randhawa: I Am a Survivor

My name is Vaneet. I was born on February 11, 1985. In July of 2009, my life catapulted into a series of traumatic, or rather catastrophic, events. I started having ‘stomachaches’ and generally not feeling well.

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