Family Stories

Vaneet Randhawa: I Am a Survivor

My name is Vaneet. I was born on February 11, 1985. In July of 2009, my life catapulted into a series of traumatic, or rather catastrophic, events. I started having ‘stomachaches’ and generally not feeling well. It wasn’t long before I had multiple tubes in me for drainage or breathing or feeding. My small intestine was surgically removed because I had infarcted it (lost the blood supply to it because of the clotting effects of this disease). I also infarcted some other organs and was in ICU for two months. Being a physician myself, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of identifying and treating as well as empathizing with the patients and families of patients with this horrendous illness. It is important for us to come together to increase the awareness and even for support. It’s a fight for life and one that too often fails. I have seen death. I am a survivor. I want to see more of us.

Written by: Vaneet Randhawa M.D