News : 2014 : May

5th International Thrombotic Storm Collaborator Meeting

Drs. Jeffery Vance and Margaret Pericak-Vance recently hosted the 5th International Thrombotic Storm Collaborator Meeting which took place in Chicago, Illinois.

The purpose of the thrombotic storm study is to refine the extreme clinical phenotype definition of thrombotic storm and identify potential gene mutations that place these individuals at risk, so prevention and treatment strategies can be developed and applied. In addition, identifying new genes involved in the thrombotic process will provide new insights into thrombotic disease in general.

Research is critical because, as in the case of JJ, the Vance’s son, the condition is often lethal if not detected and treated quickly. Ultimately, they hope to find a cause, which will lead to earlier detection and better treatment. They also hope the conference will bring attention to the syndrome, which researchers believe is often under diagnosed or misdiagnosed. Momentum is gaining in increasing awareness of the disorder.