Our Team

Our team

VarDoPa team:

Our team consists of two research technicians (A. Ali, K. John-Williams), a senior systems analyst (A. Mehta), an application development manager (A. Lakum) and three faculty-level genetic experts (K. Nuytemans, L. Wang, J. Vance).

Literature extraction and annotation are performed by the technicians and senior system analyst under supervision of Drs. Nuytemans and Vance. Population of the back-end database is completed by the senior analyst under supervision of Dr. Nuytemans. Front end application was developed by the application manager under supervision of Drs. Nuytemans, Wang and Vance. The website is upheld as part of the John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics (HIHG) website and maintained by A. Uhlenberg.

Suggestions and comments are welcome at: vardopa@miami.edu

Parkinson Disease team:

More information on the Morris K. Udall Parkinson Disease Research Center of Excellence (UPDRCE) group led by Dr. Vance can be found at: http://udall.med.miami.edu/

If you are interested in joining any research study at the John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics (HIHG), please contact the HIHG study coordinators by calling 1-877-686-6444 or by emailing highinfo@med.miami.edu